Star of WTC Round 1 – Maggie Chen

An Investor with Dual-identity

Be Humble and Enjoy your Life to the Fullest!


“I had always been interested in the markets, and forex is a good way to start.” Explained Maggie.

An Experienced Student Trader with the Assistance from FDT Trader


Today, many university students who aim at graduating with a first-class honor bury themselves in books. They concentrate only on studying and nothing else. Unlike them, Maggie Chen, one of the winners in the latest World Trading Contest round, devotes herself to trading. She is a Chinese who moved to the United Kingdom when she was small. She was exposed to forex with FDT Trader, a mobile trading application. In early 2015 when the app was first launched in the United Kingdom, the investment society at her university, University College London, was promoting it. She downloaded the application and gave it a try. Although it may sound ordinary, it is the beginning of the encouraging story between Maggie and trading.


Maggie is an experienced user of FDT Trader. She described it as a risk-free educational platform for tyros to start their investing journey. She highly recommended it, “FDT is ideal for beginners, especially now, there is quite a lot of information available for beginners on it.” It is FDT Trader, which pushed her into the trading market and guided her towards her success in WTC round one. “FDT Trader was my pathway to trading.” She said nostalgically.

Good Fun and Friends


In April this year, Maggie downloaded the latest version of FDT Trader, and found a contest on it. It was not her first time joining WTC. In fact, she participated in the contest last year. She explained that she greatly enjoyed the experience and that she also made some good friends. Therefore, despite the WTC being in stocks this year and not forex, she still took the challenge and joined the contest.


Learned from Failure


Although she won in the contest with a charming smile, it was not an easy path. She accomplished her goal through experiencing failure. First, she told us that she was a beginner of Chinese, Hong Kong, and United States shares. It was her first time managing these types of shares which were unfamiliar to her. Second, the Hong Kong, and especially the Chinese stock markets had significant differences to the UK stock market which she had to figure out the hard way. Moreover, as she was in mainland China during the competition, she was affected by slow information access, thus she could not trade efficiently.


“Accessing my normal sources of financial information (in China) was painful and slow. In fact, one time, I found a stock that had dropped loads in the previous hour, and according to my experience, it should have started rebounding very soon. As mentioned, I was not familiar with the Hong Kong stock market, so I would research each stock before taking any action. Unfortunately, by the time the searching page was half-loaded (i.e. 15 minutes later), the stock had already regained all its lost. It was a big mistake.” Maggie explained with regret. However, still, she defeated other student traders.


Her third barrier was her poor health. She was ill during the competition so had to spend most of her days undergoing traditional Chinese medicinal treatments. This led to a very limited time in which she could actually trade, so she would sneakily peek at stock prices when the doctor wasn’t looking.


At first glance, you may think that Maggie is a weak girl who will be beaten by difficulties. In fact, she is far stronger than you expected. “How did I overcome these problems? Trial and error!” She shared her solution on difficulties. From her point of view, there are always two sides to the same coin. “Even though information access was a problem, I was at least in the right time zone.” She later discovered a few worth-investing stocks, and did research out of trading times. She was strong not only physically, but also mentally. Encountering difficulties did not necessarily mean one’s doom. Inspired by her, regardless of our age or occupation, we should never give up either because Maggie is just a young student, but she could learn from her failures and thereby gained her success.


Don’t be greedy


It is believed that many of you would like to know her trading philosophy or strategies. Maggie generously shared three points with us. First, she reminded us to know what we are buying. In other words, we should do ample research and get a thorough understanding of a stock before buying it. Second, she kindly recommended us to do trading based on not only technical analysis, but also personal knowledge because technical analyses are not always accurate. The last and the most important point is that we should not be greedy.

“Take profits when you can. Admit your failure, and cut losses when you see a trade is going too south.” Suggested Maggie.


Being an Investor and an Entrepreneur


Surprised by Maggie, we are told that she is now running her own company called Shut Up & Dance (, which specializes in dance fashion and education, on her own. It is not difficult to imagine how busy she is. Trading on FDT Trader and on the UK stock market while running her business, she is bearing more than ordinary university students do. Not only her success in trading, her hard work as an entrepreneur is also worth learning from.


Enjoy your Life to the Fullest!


“Life is too short to be bored or miserable!” Maggie shared her motto with us.


Maggie has a clear picture of her future career. She insisted not working a nine-to-five job, since it would bore her to death. Instead, she expressed her vision on developing her company. She is a fish in the borderless sea. She is not confined by a certain job or hobby, she is trading while running a company; she is a student while being a trader; she was taking part in WTC while running the Chinese Studies Society at her university. She is such a flexible person. She encouraged us to enjoy our life because it is just too short!

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